Facebook Report on Future of Personal Data Explained at ADAPT Centre Public Lecture

20 January 2021
Facebook Report on Future of Personal Data Explained at ADAPT Centre Public Lecture

Posted: 01/07/16

This July the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology hosted a public lecture by Dr Jyn Schultze-Melling, Facebook’s Director for Privacy Policy in Europe and Dr TJ McIntyre, Lecturer in Law at UCD and Chairman of Digital Rights Ireland, on “Privacy in the Digital Age: Is it Time for a New Paradigm?”

Dr Jyn Schultze-Melling presented and explained Facebook’s report “A New Paradigm for Personal Data”. This is the final report from Facebook’s roundtable series about how to create a positive and sustainable future for personal data – for the benefit of individuals, organisations and societies. It reflects the thoughts of 175 experts across 21 roundtables in 11 cities. It concludes that a sustainable personal data environment is one in which users can feel confident, and in which the value exchange is fair, so that the benefits of data are maximised while the harms are minimised.

The event saw TJ McIntyre respond to the report, setting out a civil liberties perspective on the gathering and use of personal data and critically examining the assumptions underlying arguments for data sharing. His talk focused on “Why Online Privacy is not Dead – Yet”. Joan Mulvihill, CEO of the Irish Internet Association, chaired the event.

Dr Jyn Schultze-Melling is Facebook’s Director for Privacy Policy, Europe at the social network’s Dublin headquarter, steering the company’s policy efforts in data protection and privacy all over Europe. Dr TJ McIntyre is Lecturer in Law, University College Dublin where he specializes in issues involving information technology law and civil liberties.

The event was organised by the Ethics & Privacy Working Group of the ADAPT Centre and is run in association with Trinity College Dublin’s Schools of Law; Religions, Peace Studies and Theology; DCU Institute of Ethics, and the Trinity College Library.

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