Location: National events

Date: 1 Feb – 28 Mar

Artificial Intelligence currently helps determine the ads you see online, the news you read and the products you purchase. Every time we send a text, use a credit card or sync a wearable device we are sharing personal information about ourselves.

In this CPD workshop for JCT STE(A)M, the ADAPT Centre for Digital Media Technology will use their ‘Think-In’ format to discuss some of the ethical issues we face in with devices, data storage and dissemination in the digital age.

Participants in the interactive ‘Think In’ workshop will be asked to consider a series of scenarios relating to AI (such as Alexa, driverless cars and China’s social credit system) and discuss the various outcomes that can arise from these new technological advancements. The forum will explore the social consequences of AI; how our information is being used; and whether AI affects our privacy and civil liberties?

ADAPT’s ‘Think In’ format comprises: 

  • An introductory presentation on key concepts relating to AI technology and advances.
  • Small group discussions of applications of AI technology
  • Whole group reflection and discussion

The aims of the workshop are:

  • To enhance understanding of emerging digital technology innovations
  • To demonstrate practical, interactive activities which can bring into their JCT STE(A)M classrooms
  • To grow confidence in participation in discussions about STEM and AI technologies

Register now for the CPD workshop closest to you:

1 February 2020 – Drumcondra Education Centre, Dublin

29 February 2020 – Navan Education Centre, Meath

21 March 2020 – Carrick-on-Shannon Education Centre, Leitrim

28 March 2020 – Kilkenny Education Centre, Kilkenny