Ethical by Design or Default? A Panel Discussion

Ethical by Design or Default? A Panel Discussion

Location: Paccar Theatre, Science Gallery Dublin

Date: 11 May

Can a machine be biased? Can an algorithm be discriminatory? Can we design artificial intelligences and systems that reproduce human values, but not human tendencies for prejudice?

We will hear from engineers, scientists and designers  on how the cutting edge of innovation will revolve around ethical design. What values guide the process, who decides on them, and how do we ensure systems prioritise personal autonomy, equity, and non-discrimination? How do our social codes and morals get built into tomorrow’s technology? Or do our vices and prejudices infiltrate technology design just as they permeate social media and politics? As smart systems and robots enter the realms of military, health, justice, and more, we should ask: are systems ethical by default or by design?

This event is organized  by the ADAPT Ethics and Privacy Research Initiative in conjunction with the Science Gallery.

Marie Wallace, Social Analytics Strategist, IBM,
Johnny Soraker, Johnny Soraker, Ethicist and Policy Specialist
Kevin Koidl, Research Fellow School of Computer Science, TCD
Wessel Reijers, PhD Researcher in Ethics of Digital Content, DCU
Professor Linda Hogan FTCD, Professor of Ecumenics, TCD

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