Entrepreneurial Spark: Julie Connelly is one of ADAPT’s Innovating Women

07 March 2023

Highlighting ADAPT’s female talent in commercialising AI research, we celebrate Julie Connelly.

Julie is the CEO and co-founder of ADAPT spinout, AIMapIT, a company that uses an innovative AI solution for discovery, detection and GPS mapping of roadside infrastructure.  

A recent graduate from Trinity College Dublin’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Postgraduate Certificate programme, Julie has been responsible for commercialising AIMapIT’s research in AI and image processing through feasibility studies to investigate the market potential.  A recent success saw Julie secure competitive pre-seed funding of €100,000 from Enterprise Ireland aimed at supporting start-ups.

Working with trial partners, the AIMapIT team is now focussed on validating the commercial potential of this technology in Europe and the US and has ambitions to become the partner of choice for the creation of digital twins for distributed physical infrastructure networks.