Digital Summit Highlights Importance of Digital Governance and Regulation

14 January 2021
Digital Summit Highlights Importance of Digital Governance and Regulation

Posted: 20/09/19

At the Digital Summit this month, the Taoiseach said that IT skills will be the currency of the future, but measures must be taken to ensure safety online.

The ADAPT Centre was invited by the Taoiseach’s office to exhibit some of the cutting-edge research being undertaken at Ireland’s leading SFI Research Centre specialising in AI and digital media technologies.

During the day-long event, up to 500 invited delegates heared keynote speeches and discussions on subjects such as the future of data and privacy, the challenges of Artificial Intelligence, countering online disinformation, and competition in the digital economy.

The summit, which took place at Dublin’s Convention Centre, provided a forum to debate the social, technical, ethical and cultural issues prompted by the rise of social media.

A keynote speaker at the summit said Ireland has the lowest rate of ransomware and crypto mining.  Ann Johnson, corporate vice-president of Microsoft’s cybersecurity solutions group, said Ireland has stepped up to the responsibility of keeping 30% of Europe’s data secure. However, she said that a recent survey of employees carried out by Microsoft found that 44% of employees have had no training on security while 16% of employees are not changing or updating their passwords.

The event was hosted by Minster of State Pat Breen, who said: “Digital technologies are transforming every facet of our lives and while these developments are exciting, they do raise some profound questions about how we regulate and how we manage them for the good of all.”

“It’s appropriate that all stakeholders discuss how we can manage and optimise these changes rather than being pulled helplessly in their wake.”

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