Deep Histories, Deepening Connections: The UK and Ireland's Lost Records


On 30 June 1922, the Public Record Office of Ireland (PROI) in Dublin was destroyed in the opening battle of the Irish Civil War. The ‘Record Treasury’ at the PROI, with its six floors of records dating back to the twelfth-century conquest, was entirely ruined.

On the 99th anniversary of this tragic event, The National Archives invites you to a virtual research showcase, on Wednesday 30th June at 2pm,   run in conjunction with the Beyond 2022: Virtual Record treasury of Ireland project. Deep Histories link archival collections in Great Britain to those lost in 1922. Now Deepening Connections are driving an exciting collaboration to recover and reconstruct in fascinating detail much that was lost, facilitating next-generation access to seven centuries’ of Ireland and Britain’s deeply connected histories.

The showcase will focus on the contribution of The National Archives and other UK memory institutions to the virtual reconstruction of the Public Record Office of Ireland.


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