Creating Tomorrow’s World Webinar Highlights the latest in Data Privacy Innovations

22 March 2022

The first Creating Tomorrow’s World webinar of 2022 took place on the 24th of February, 2022 and featured a robust discussion on the latest developments in Data Privacy with the expertise of leaders from three spheres of academia, governance and industry who are paving the way for responsible data management across Europe and the world.

This month’s webinar was moderated by Edmond O’Connor, ADAPT Commercial Business Manager responsible for working with technology start-up’s and international industry enterprises to harness and embed ADAPT’s pioneering research and innovation across organisations to drive impactful digital transformation solutions.

This month’s speakers included Data Privacy experts…

Professor Markus Helfert, the Director of the Innovation Value Institute, Director of the SFI co-funded Research Programme on Data Governance – Empower and Coordinator of the Business Informatics Group at Maynooth University (Ireland) and Principle Investigator at the ADAPT Centre.

Tony Shannon, Head of Digital Services in the office of the Government Chief Information Officer will also be speaking. He has led the implementation of a number of digital government services, most recently he has worked on the Digital COVID Certificate and all of the DPIAs surrounding it, as well as the development and design of the portal.

David Corrigan, General Manager of Data Governance, Quality and Privacy at Informatica. The company is an American software company that specialises in Enterprise Cloud Data Management and Data Integration and they are committed to the environment, society and governance.

The webinar began with a brief exploration of Data Governance advances which have moved on from being merely a check mark for business to tick off as the pressure increases for companies to comply to regulatory compliance through the increase in government regulation (i.e. GDPR) as well as a spotlight on AI as new compliance regulations emerge within the EU. It has become more important now than ever to know what data you have and who has access to it.

According to Prof. Markus Helfert, Data Management is evolving and becoming more complex due to the increase in regulations, however this does not mean it is not an exciting time due to the technology available. Data is becoming all-encompassing and everyone in a company should be able to use it efficiently without compromising on privacy. During the webinar, Informatica’s David Corrigan shared key advancements in Data Automation that will benefit businesses globally: “Automation in data management is important especially for those who are not on the technical side of data but are still using it to drive decision-making”. 

Tony Shannon also discussed the shifting focus from the organisation to the citizens by highlighting the need to consider what is important to the individual rather than the business. The webinar concluded with comments from the trio echoing what many leaders in the data and business world are saying that data done right can provide impressive commercial returns for businesses.

For other frameworks and practices to help navigate the pandemic-induced data explosion, watch the full recording of the webinar here. You can also write to us to know more about such partnership opportunities at [email protected]  

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