COnSeNT 2021 International Workshop


COnSeNT 2021 will be run by the SFI ADAPT Centre for AI Driven Digital Content Technology on September 7th next.  The virtual event aims to explore digital consent in all its forms through leading research and trends.

The COnSeNT conference will take place virtually.  Registration can be done online. 

Contributors will include:

Irish tech expert Dr Johnny Ryan, Senior Fellow at the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, and a Senior Fellow at the Open Markets Institute. He is focused on surveillance, data rights, competition/anti-trust, and privacy.  Dr Ryan will deliver a keynote address on “Consent ‘spam’ and the undermining of European data protection law”.

Robin Berjon, VP of Data Governance at the New York Times. He is an expert in Web technology and its standardisation with almost two decades’ worth of experience in developing and driving standardisation efforts, primarily in W3C, and notably as the Editor of the HTML Specification. He is a co-author of the Global Privacy Control specification.

Townsend Feehan, CEO of Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe, the EU-level association for the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem conducting research and development of standards and specifications powering much of the online advertising ecosystem. Prior to joining IAB Europe, Townsend worked for Microsoft Legal & Corporate Affairs in Brussels.

Dr Rob van Eijk is Managing Director of the Future of Privacy Forum for Europe. Prior to this, Dr. van Eijk obtained a PhD focusing on online advertising (real-time bidding) and has worked at the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) for nearly 10 years. He worked within the Article 29 Working Party in multi-stakeholder negotiations of the World Wide Web Consortium on Do Not Track.

Dr Irene Kamara is Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity Governance at Tilburg University. She is an expert in standardisation, with a doctoral thesis exploring the interplay between standardisation and the regulation of the right to protection of personal data. She has prior experience working as a trainee at EDPS, CEN and CENELEC, and is a member of the ENISA Experts List.

Mark Lizar is the CEO & Founder of the OpenConsent Group, and is a co-inventor of the Kantara Consent Receipt specification. Mark is active in Canadian standards, conformance and the Kantara Initiative as an International Liaison and previously Co-Chair of the Consent and Information Sharing WG and Vice Chair of the Leadership Council.

Full agenda.