Computer Science Professor Declan O’Sullivan Appointed as a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin

15 January 2021

Posted: 30/04/19

Trinity College Dublin announced its new Scholars and Fellows in the Front Square this week and among them was ADAPT Centre Principle Investigator, Professor Declan O’Sullivan.

Professor O’Sullivan was appointed Fellow of Trinity College Dublin by the Board, an honour that recognises his superior scholarship and research, along with his contribution to academic life and instruction within the College.

Professor Declan O’Sullivan instructs in TCD’s School of Computer Science, where he is also the Director of Research. O’Sullivan has received three degrees from his former studies at Trinity which include a BA in Computer Science in 1985, an MSc in Computer Science in 1988, and a PhD in Computer Science in 2006. Since, he has become a Principle Investiator at the ADAPT Centre where he conducts international award-winning research.

Currently, Professor O’Sullivan and his team are working on new techniques for automated data integration in dynamic environments. He is the head of Intelligent Systems at Trinity and leads the Ethics and Privacy research initiative at the ADAPT Centre.

Monday’s announcement of Fellows and Scholars commences Trinity week, an old tradition and celebration of College life. There were an additional fifty-eight Scholars, fifteen new Fellows, five new professorial Fellows and two Honorary Fellows announced on the same day. This year’s theme of the week is Silence. You can find out more about Trinity Week and the announcement ceremony here.

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