Citizens’ Think-In: Artificial Intelligence, Privacy and Civil Liberties For Science Week 2018

18 January 2021
Citizens’ Think-In: Artificial Intelligence, Privacy and Civil Liberties For Science Week 2018

Posted: 07/11/18

The development of technology has dramatically changed our daily lives, but has it changed things for better or for worse?  This innovative Citizens’ Think -In will explore whether advances in Artificial Intelligence, advances which help determine the ads we see online, the news we read and the products we purchase, is enriching our lives or eroding our privacy and civil liberties.

Every time we send a text, use a credit card, or sync a wearable device we are sharing personal information about ourselves. But we are not always aware of how our information is being used, and whether existing policies and regulation provide sifficient protection for adults and children alike.

As part of this year’s Science Week, we are inviting people to take part in a Citizens’ ‘Think-In’ about the impact these technologies have on our lives.  Run by the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology, the event will explore the policy and ethics around technology to gain insights on our tech-dependent lifestyles and how it impacts our professional and private lives.  Can AI help us achieve our dreams of a better work-life balance, and a more healthy and enjoyable world, or does it threaten to become a technological nightmare?

Participants will be asked to consider a series of scenarios relating to AI and discuss the various outcomes that can arise from these new technological advancements. By exploring the impact of these scenarios on the individual and on society at large, we’ll uncover the emerging risks and opportunities of AI and explore how research can ensure the age of AI is inclusive for everyone.

The event will take place in Dublin City Civic Offices at Wood Quay, Dublin 8, from 6-8.30pm on 15th November 2018. Tickets for the event are available online through EventBrite at

Speaking about the event, Professor Vincent Wade Director of the ADAPT Centre, said: “As the technology revolution continues to accelerate, new technology is being developed to solve problems faced by consumers, businesses and the world at large.  This ‘think-in’ looks at the technological challenge of the 21st century and will give people an opportunity to discuss issues around ethics and policy with those researching the development of the next-generation of technology innovation.”

The event has been funded through Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and is one of numerous events taking place across the country for Science Week 2018.  A full programme of events is available on

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