Breaking Barriers: Sneha Rautmare’s Journey in Tech Research

08 March 2023

Sneha Rautmare joined ADAPT in 2021 as a Natural Language Processing and Data Research engineer.  Her path to a career in data science was not straightforward however.  She had originally completed a degree in Computer Engineering but Sneha wanted to move into data science.  Her sights focused on this career path she pursued a Masters in Computer Science which was the foundation for her current career path.

Speaking about her progress in tech, Sneha said: “The journey from software engineer to data scientist was overwhelming with a lot of learnings in overall career development. I moved to a different country to do a masters and entered into the data science domain. During that time, I published two research papers based on my work in the masters project, which gave me the confidence to stay motivated in the domain I chose.  Since then I have worked on different industry projects and enhanced my skills in data science. I hope to get more challenging and interesting projects to enhance from a technical standpoint.”

Sneha’s journey is an example of determination and focus and we look forward to the next exciting stage in her career.