Autoimmune project, PARADISE, holds first plenary to highlight six months of project progress

09 November 2023

The ADAPT Centre and Trinity Translational Medicine Institute project, PARADISE (PersonAlisation of RelApse risk in autoimmune DISEase), was hosted by project partner, Catholic University of Croatia, for a two-day plenary meeting. The plenary took place from the 23rd – 24th October in Zagreb, Croatia and discussed personalised relapse prediction in autoimmune diseases. This was the consortium’s first plenary meeting, marking six months into this innovative three-year project.

Officially launched April 2023, PARADISE is focussed on developing a personalised prediction tool to assist in the management of recurrent autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease affects 10% of all adults and medications to manage these conditions are expensive and work to suppress the immune system, which often leads to patients becoming more susceptible to increased infection and cancer risk. A key target for research by the PARADISE consortium is the prediction of relapse, or those patients in whom relapse is extremely unlikely. For patients with Vasculitis, this means that medication doses can be tailored or, in some cases, stopped entirely.

Over the course of the two days, group leaders presented on project progress to date. The first six months of the project focussed on structuring and improving the quality of the data through data pre-processing and harmonisation work. The team have also been working to bring further and more diverse datasets into the project. Their statistical modelling teams have made good progress on determining the models through which the data will drive Machine Learning (ML), leading to the development of their upcoming app.

One of the key highlights has been the recruitment of their Patient Advisory Group, an engaged and enthusiastic group of people that are being integrated into different parts of the project as the patient voice. A key part of PARADISE, given the focus on AI, will be to push the boundaries in the transparency and explainability of the app under development. The first six months of the project has included working with group leaders to identify the terms and processes that will ensure the app is transparent and explainable to users. 

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