Artificial Intelligence for the Common Good Hackathon Inspires Green Solutions for Sustainable Cities

10 May 2024

In November last year, the British Council Ireland organised an in-person hackathon-style gathering coinciding with similar events in Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, and Milton Keynes. Part of the Artificial Intelligence segment of the British Council’s Stronger Together program, this initiative aims to cultivate specialised skills among young leaders, empowering them to devise AI-driven solutions to societal and environmental challenges. In collaboration with the British Embassy in Dublin, Munster Technological University, and the ADAPT Centre, the Stronger Together Irish Hackathon provides a platform for young minds to explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence as a tool in addressing climate change, with a particular focus on the concept of Green Cities.

The standout project of the Hackathon, titled “My City Roots,” was crafted by Christopher Robert Brophy, Vladyslav Zhavoronkov, and Soumaya Sabry. As a reward for their innovative endeavour, the winning teams were treated to a study visit trip to Bristol, a frontrunner in sustainable urban development, held from March 4th to 6th, 2024.

The trip provided a unique opportunity to explore relevant institutions, projects, and network with professionals in the field. During the study visit to Bristol, participants were invited to join a Youth-Policy dialogue event. Here, they engaged with experts in AI, sustainability, social impact, including policy makers, researchers, companies, and academics. The purpose of this event was to explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence in creating social value and to initiate discussions about the role of youth as leaders for social change and drivers of the new technological era.

During their excursion to Bristol, participants had the privilege of exploring relevant institutions, projects, and networking opportunities with professionals in the field. The highlight of the trip was a Youth-Policy dialogue event, where attendees engaged with experts in AI, sustainability, social impact, and policy-making realms. This dialogue aimed to unravel the potential of Artificial Intelligence in fostering social progress and ignite conversations about the pivotal role of youth in spearheading societal transformation in a new technological era.

Learn more about this inspiring event here.