All The World's A Screen - a Shakespeare performance in Irish Sign Language

09 November 2022
A pixelated image of three Shakespeare heads to advertise the All The World's A Screen performance

Some of Shakespeare’s most iconic scenes, performed in Irish Sign Language for people and artificially intelligent machines.

Date: 16 November 2022

Time: 18.00 – 19.30

Location: Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2

As part of Science Week 2020, SignON presents an art-science event that combines artificial intelligence with Shakespeare. Alvean Jones and Lianne Quigley will perform some of the most iconic scenes from Shakespeare in Irish Sign Language for our unique audience of people and machines. Artificially intelligent apps will watch the performance with you, so that you get to see what a machine sees when it watches theatre. The performance will be followed by a discussion on artificial intelligence and sign language machine translation.

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This event includes ISL interpreters.

The project is supported by Science Foundation Ireland and the ADAPT Centre and is based on a format developed by TRACES as part of SISCODE.

About SignON

SignON is a user-centric and community-driven project which aims to develop a communication service that translates between signed and spoken (in both text and audio) languages and caters for the communication needs between Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing individuals across Europe, targeting the Irish, British, Dutch, Flemish and Spanish sign as well as the English, Irish, Dutch and Spanish spoken languages. SignON is a European funded Horizon 2020 project.

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