Akara Robotics joins Techstars LA HealthCare Accelerator

19 March 2024

Akara Robotics have recently announced its inclusion in the Techstars LA HealthCare Accelerator, marking a significant milestone as it joins the esteemed Techstars portfolio. Akara has grown significantly since it’s emergence from Trinity’s School of Engineering and the SFI ADAPT Centre.

Originating as a spin-out from Trinity College Dublin, Akara Robotics, now based at The Digital Hub in Dublin’s Liberties, is the creator of Stevie, a groundbreaking social care robot designed to be an assistant in elder care facilities. Collaborating closely with charities supporting the elderly, the team conducted extensive trial studies in senior care facilities across the UK and the US to refine Stevie’s functionalities.

In addition to Stevie, Akara Robotics has developed a state-of-the-art robot equipped with ultraviolet technology. This innovation aims to revolutionise hospital disinfection processes by effectively eradicating bacteria and viruses, thereby enhancing safety and efficiency in healthcare environments.

With this significant achievement, Akara Robotics remains steadfast in their commitment to driving innovation and making a positive impact in the healthcare landscape.