Akara Robotics feature in For Tech’s Sake Podcast to discuss the future of humanoid robots

03 November 2023

Co-founder of Akara Robotics, Niamh Donnelly, recently featured on the latest episode of the For Tech’s Sake Podcast to discuss the way in which robots are conceived as well as her thoughts on humanoid-style ones that have been making recent headlines.

Akara Robotics, a spin-out from Trinity College Dublin, is now based at The Digital Hub in Dublin’s Liberties. Akara has grown over the last few years after emerging from years of research from Trinity’s School of Engineering and the SFI ADAPT Centre.  Akara Robotics is the creator of Stevie, a social care robot designed to be an assistant in elder care facilities. The team behind Stevie worked closely with charities supporting the elderly and spent months in trial studies at senior care facilities in the UK and the US. The ADAPT start-up also created a robot equipped with ultraviolet technology designed to eliminate bacteria and viruses with the aim to make disinfecting hospitals safer and faster.

Speaking on robotics during the podcast, Niamh Donnelly said:

“What we need to do with robotics is look at problems and then build a robot around a solution for that problem rather than just building a robot – a human robot – and then trying to find different areas where it should work”

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