ai mapit showcases at SheVentures, an all-Ireland summit for women founders and investors

20 May 2024

This week, ai mapit, a spinout company from the SFI ADAPT Centre at Trinity College Dublin, was showcased by CEO Julie Connelly at SheVentures, Ireland’s first all-island summit for women founders and investors. The event, co-ordinated by Awaken Hub and Awaken Angels at Lusty Beg resort in Co. Fermanagh, attracted over 250 Irish women leaders, founders, investors, and male allies for a 2-day summit of inspiration, connection and empowerment, supported by the Irish Government’s Shared Island Initiative.

ai mapit entered the global geographic information systems (GIS) market last year with its groundbreaking geotagging solution. The company offers a state-of-the-art computer vision platform that creates digital twins of roadside infrastructure for telecoms and utility network operators, road management agencies and smart cities, enhancing network management efficiency and reducing carbon footprint.

The platform excels in recognising and assigning precise GPS coordinates to any asset in street-level imagery, allowing for automatic condition monitoring over time. Operating at a remarkable speed of 200 km per hour, the technology has demonstrated asset detection with 95% recall and GPS-grade location accuracy from standard imagery.

Key individuals driving the project include CEO Julie Connelly, CTO Matej Ulicny, and commercial advisor Leo Peyton.

Learn more about ai mapit on their website