AI : Accelerating Impact

19 January 2021
AI : Accelerating Impact

Posted: 09/11/17

The ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology will host an Artificial Intelligence themed showcase on Thursday the 30th of November in Croke Park Conference Centre. As 2018 draws closer, one of the most exciting and crucial competitive differentiators in industry is AI. Digital content technologies are changing the rules of the game in the global business world. AI is becoming essential to success. AI : Accelerating Impact will feature the latest innovations from ADAPT experts alongside demonstrations of their real world applications.

The ADAPT Centre is leading the way in developing technologies which revolutionise the fields of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence over the past 10 years.  Identifying and providing state of the art solutions to complex, real world problems has been a key focus of the research work within the ADAPT Centre. The showcase will give attendees the opportunity to interact with a range of state of the art demonstrations that span the spectrum of new, intelligent technologies from machine learning to sentiment analysis, augmented reality to digital media systems and much more.

Another feature of the event will see industry partners discuss the convergence of industry and research in a panel discussion. Panellists will discuss the innovative ADAPT solutions that have provided them with a competitive edge. This discussion panel will conclude with a question and answer session designed to allow industry leaders the opportunity to discuss the future of the AI in business.

To guarantee your place at AI : Accelerating Impact to see how you can ADAPT to the revolution, click here to register.

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