ADAPT’s Industry Partnership Manager to Speak at IDA Event in London’s Irish Embassy

November 28, 2017

ADAPT’s Industry Partnership Manager to Speak at IDA Event in London’s Irish Embassy

Posted: 28/11/17

Today, Tuesday 28th November, ADAPT will take part in Inventing the Future, an innovative event hosted by IDA Ireland and The Chartered Accountants Ireland London Society in the Embassy of Ireland, London.

This exclusive evening will discuss how companies are inventing the future in data insights and predictive analytics in Ireland. Running from 6-8pm, Ambassador O’Neill will welcome guests to engage in conversations with leading Irish experts in contemporary technology industry roles.

Amongst the evening’s panellists will be ADAPT’s Industry Partnership Manager Laura Clifford, who drives commercialisation and business development activities within the centre. Currently, Laura is leading the development of a large scale, collaborative FinTech research programme between the four ADAPT universities and a consortium of Financial service and FinTech companies. This will be the first of its kind in Ireland and is open to all types of companies within and outside of Ireland.

Laura will be joined in discussing the future of technology and industry by Keith Fingleton of IDA Ireland, Oisin Boydell of CeADAR, and Patrick Mang of HSBC. The insights brought to the panel by each of these speakers are sure to create an informative and engaging atmosphere.

ADAPT is delighted to be represented by Laura at this invitation-only event, which will focus on many areas in which the centre continues to excel.

More information can be learned about this event by clicking here.

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