ADAPT’s Experts in Data Privacy Share Privacy and Governance Priorities for Organisations and Individuals

28 January 2023

Our lives today are increasingly revolving around technology which has resulted in personal data processing becoming a global phenomenon.  Legislation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), aims to protect privacy rights and harmonise data protection law across the EU impacting almost every sector of business.  To mark Data Privacy Day 2023 today our experts at the ADAPT Centre who are involved in Empower, a €10 million EU funded research programme focused on Data Platforms, Data Governance and Ecosystems, have put together a short compilation of data protection best practices.  Empower involves researchers from four SFI Research Centres: Lero, the programme lead, Insight, ADAPT and FutureNeuro.

Data Protection Top Tips for Businesses in 2023:

  • Cloud computing:

To adopt a set of guidelines to reduce inefficient usage to reduce waste, each department of the business should follow internal protocols. Using an expert to control cloud resources is time-saving. 

In an age of new technology, security vulnerabilities can destroy businesses virtually overnight, and ensuring your company’s data remains secure is crucial. 

File backups assure additional security for your cloud system by adding an extra layer of protection from file corruption. 

The most effective cloud computing solution is to choose a service that is accessible from multiple devices. 

As your team becomes accustomed to cloud-based software, they will stop switching between multiple programs as they replace slower, older methods like email.

  • Data protection strategy:

After the devastating ransomware attacks of 2022, organizations should establish or update data protection, backup and recovery, and disaster recovery plans as part of an overall data protection strategy.

  • Data Governance:

Organisations need to understand what data they have, where it is and what the potential risks are. Being able to prioritise data based on your organisation’s policies, priorities and applicable regulations is critical to protecting the data and the data subject.

  • Data Protection Top Tips for Individuals in 2023:
  • Strong passwords:
      • Create long, unique passwords for each account and device.
  • Multi factor authentication:
      • Turn on multi factor authentication which keeps your data safe even if your password is compromised.
  • Consent:
    • Be mindful about granting mobile apps access to your personal information including geolocation, photos and contacts, all of which contain a wealth of your personal information.


For more information on Data Protection research underway is available here: