ADAPT’s Education and Public Engagement Team to Present at Global Science Communication Conference

06 April 2023

PCST 2023 will take place in Rotterdam and aims to bring together a network of researchers and practitioners in science communication who study or work within the domains of science journalism, engagement, citizen science, informal science education and innovation.

One of the largest science communications conferences will take place next week in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and as part of the agenda ADAPT’s Education and Public Engagement (EPE) team will present on ADAPT’s Citizens’ Think-Ins. Under the theme ‘Creating Common Ground’, the PCST conference examines the interaction between science and society from different perspectives and approaches with the aim of optimising it.  The Citizens’ Think-Ins form part of ADAPT’s #DiscussAI public engagement programme of interactive and collaborative public events focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and aim to explore how this ground-breaking technology impacts all of our lives and society.

Speaking about the initiative, Dr Emma Clarke of the ADAPT Centre said: “ADAPT’s Citizens’ Think-Ins acts as a model of citizen-researcher dialogue in which stakeholders collaboratively explore the potential opportunities, challenges and benefits of emerging STEM innovations through a lens of ethics, trust and privacy.  The Think-In approach opens up the research process by including stakeholders in discussions around AI innovation. Co-creation with stakeholders has been built into the Think-In process, from the identification and development of discussion themes, to the evaluation of outcomes for both citizens and researchers.”

Dr Clarke’s presentation is titled “We need to talk about AI: The Case for Citizens’ Think-Ins for citizen-researcher dialogue and deliberation” and will take place on Wednesday, 12 April 17:00 – 18:15, in the Mees Room of the Conference Center De Doelen.  The paper was co-authored by Laura Grehan, Anne Kearns, and Dr Cara Greene from ADAPT’s EPE team.

ADAPT’s contribution to PCST is part of an exciting line-up of talks, workshops, demonstrations and visual and oral presentations that will take place over three days (12-14 April 2023).

More information on the conference is available on the PCST website.