ADAPT’s Darwin & Goliath One of 11 Brands Tackling Carbon Emissions Via New Sustainable Action Campaign

21 October 2021

ADAPT spin-out Darwin & Goliath join forces with 10 brands, including reuzi, a minimal waste shop and educational hub, to power a campaign to highlight the sustainable action shoppers can take to reduce carbon emissions. Darwin & Goliath, reuzi’s technology partner, along with the other brands will take part in this campaign ahead of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).

Darwin & Goliath offers custom-made recommender systems to small and medium sized enterprises, allowing them to offer their customers the best possible product recommendations with the least amount of effort. To do this they offer a recommender-system-as-a-service framework. D&G provides custom recommender services across a range of online domains including e-commerce, video streaming, and digital libraries.

Launched 18 Oct by reuzi, this campaign titled “5% for progress” sees the shop set aside 5% of it’s profits to provide customer rewards for taking actions that match their values and beliefs alongside purchases. Examples include rewarding points for Meat Free Mondays, swapping your car commute for walking or cycling, and many more. The campaign aims to motivate people to make sustainable choices one swap at a time.