ADAPT TU Dublin Academic Dr. Robert Ross joins Ireland AM to discuss the future of Generative AI

21 December 2023

ADAPT TU Dublin academic Dr. Robert Ross featured recently on Ireland AM, along with tech journalist Elaine Burke, to discuss the future of AI film production following the first ever AI-produced Ireland AM. Using ChatGPT, the team at Ireland AM generated a three-hour broadcast from music to scripts to segments and guests. An in-studio presenter, a CGI avatar named Conor, was also introduced. While not perfect, the AI-driven show did showcase how systems like ChaptGPT could be utilised in film and TV production in the future. Elaine Burke compares ChatGPT to an ‘overenthusiastic intern with cliched ideas’ as the system doesn’t quite have a handle on the logistics involved with show running just yet. 

Dr. Ross highlights how it can be utilised as a tool to assist and where human insight will still be required. ChatGPT and similar systems can be used to generate new ideas that are refined by human insight into something that is usable. Dr. Ross indicates growing Generative AI technology will affect certain sectors of the workforce in the same way that the internet did but as he states on Ireland AM “new jobs, new changes in how we work, kick in as well”.

Watch the full recording here.