ADAPT to Showcase BigFoot App at the International Ploughing Championship 2017

19 January 2021
ADAPT to Showcase BigFoot App at the International Ploughing Championship 2017

Posted: 19/09/17

ADAPT researchers will showcase the Bigfoot Digital Footprint project at this year’s International Ploughing Championships. The major event will see thousands of people from all corners of the globe travel to Tullamore, Offaly for Europe’s largest annual outdoor event. This year, attendees will be given the opportunity to engage with the Bigfoot app to determine their own digital footprints, which reflect their online presence.

Dr. Kevin Koidl, Research Fellow with the ADAPT Centre, described the app as follows: “Bigfoot is an app that helps researchers and digital citizens alike to understand the exciting and complex ways in which they leave their mark on social media.”

The Bigfoot app allows users to compare their perceived social media usage with the actual engagement they carry out. Through asking downloaders to complete an interactive survey, the Bigfoot team at ADAPT aim to achieve greater awareness for social media use. The initiative strives not only to help people assess their personal data sharing online, but also enables them to have their say on privacy issues relating to the future of digital content technology.

Such assessments will be possible at this year’s ploughing competition through iPads and digital notepads provided by the Bigfoot team. Members of the public will be encouraged to use these to engage with the downloadable app and its newly redesigned website. Expert researchers will be present on the day to speak with those interested on a one-to-one basis, and to make note of any feedback they may have.

Melissa Hoover, an intern with the Bigfoot project in the ADAPT Centre, spoke about the importance of bringing research projects like Bigfoot to the public at events like this: “When you bring the public into the conversation before the technology develops, you have an opportunity to work out the kinks.”

ADAPT’s Bigfoot team will be present at the Ploughing Championships on Wednesday 20th September. To learn more about the event, click here.

To learn more about Bigfoot Digital Footprint, visit its new website here.

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