ADAPT TCD Researcher Organises Speech, Music and Mind Workshop

15 September 2023

The 6th edition of the Speech, Music and Mind Workshop was jointly organised by Dr. João Cabral from ADAPT Trinity College Dublin and members from TATA Consulting Services (TCS).

The workshop welcomed 25+ attendees to Trinity College Dublin on the 18th August prior to Interspeech 2023. The workshop focussed on detecting and influencing mental states, with an emphasis on multi-modal approaches with diverse applications across culture, languages and music. The workshop featured two Keynotes, four invited speakers as well as presentations of seven peer-reviewed papers. 

Keynote speakers included Dr. Giovanni Di Liberto, ADAPT Researcher and Assistant Professor in Intelligent Systems in the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin, and Dr Catherine Lai, Lecturer in Speech and Language Technology, working at the Centre for Speech Technology Research at the University of Edinburgh. Invited speakers included Dr. Nicolas Obin (Ircam Paris), Dr. Francesca Bonin (IBM Dublin), Christian Saam (VoiceTune AI), and Dr. Ronald Böck (Genie Enterprise).

A range of exciting topics an cutting-edge research were covered in the event, including:

  • Speech analysis using advanced neural algorithms – Prosody and Emotions
  • Interplay between music, speech and mental states
  • Auditory cognition with Speech and Music
  • Brain-to-articulatory mapping during speech production
  • Assessment of personality traits and mental states through speech
  • Ethics and assessment of mental states

 The proceedings will be publicly available soon and a link will be provided in the website to access the proceedings: