ADAPT Supports Digi-ID Plus, a European Digital Inclusion Programme

24 May 2022

Digi-ID Plus, led by Dr Esther Murphy from School of Engineering at Trinity College Dublin, is a new EIT Health multidisciplinary EU innovation project that joins with partners across France, Sweden, Spain, Croatia and Ireland. Dr Murphy is part of the School’s Robotics and Innovation Lab and is the Principal Investigator of Digi-ID Plus and has led the project with the aim of aiding the digital inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. The ADAPT Centre is delighted to support Dr Murphy and the Digi-ID Plus team in taking the programme to its next phase as the project receives a €2.2 million funding. 

The programme brings together expertise in the fields of intellectual disability, social science, accessibility, healthcare technologies, public health, inclusive education, speech and language, mental health and health economics. The ADAPT Centre is pleased to explore partnership opportunities to support this multi-disciplinary project by providing competencies in a variety of specialties.

The project is currently developing an accessible digital skills e-learning video platform with and for people with accessibility needs. The platform is being created through a co-innovation process with a wide network of health and education providers to address the digital literacy and access challenge. Thus, ensuring better health, well-being and inclusion outcomes for those with intellectual disabilities.

The awarded 3-year programme will expand the partnership across Europe, to involve industry leader Microsoft. This will help scale the project further to include people with a wider range of accessibility needs, and co-design new innovative features focusing on adaptive learning and AI support. 

EIT Health is a network of best-in-class health innovators backed by the EU. They deliver solutions to enable European citizens to improve their health and ageing.

To learn more about their project:

Register for the “Digi Dream Big’ Summer hybrid event on June 17th in collaboration with Microsoft.