ADAPT showcases research at Electric Picnic 2023

06 September 2023
A panel discussion at Electrci Picnic Music and Arts festival. The panel features 5 people sitting in armchairs on a stage.

ADAPT’s Education and Public Engagement team headed down to Electric Picnic in Stradbally Co.Laois last weekend to showcase some of our ADAPT’s cutting-edge research and to talk to festival goers about AI.


Researchers Dalila Burin, Gareth Young, Darrah Higgins, Priyansh Jalan and Yuan He joined the team and presented their work to visitors at Science Foundation Ireland’s Science Week pop-up on the Manifesto Stage. Their demonstrations allowed participants to embody a virtual avatar, take virtual field trips to special places and interact with virtual worlds!


#DiscussAI also featured a mini ‘Art or AI?’ gallery that challenged the public to test their AI knowledge to spot if artworks were created by a human hand or generated by artificial intelligence. It was great to see how many people could distinguish their Dalís from their DALL-E’S!


Dr Robert Ross from ADAPT, TU Dublin joined a panel to explore what it means to be human in today’s world and how the decisions we make today will impact the people and world of the future.


All of these exciting exhibits and more will be featured at Explore AI in the Douglas Hyde Gallery on Friday 29th September. Explore AI is part of the wider START: European Researchers Night which takes place in Trinity College Dublin.


We hope to see you there!

A table with a teal green tablecloth. On the table there are a number of artworks displayed on easels. Behind the table, there is a banner with the ADAPT logo and the #DiscussAI logo.
The ‘Art or AI?’ Museum of *Very* Modern Art