ADAPT showcase state-of-the-art technology at Huawei Ireland Video Intelligence Forum

19 January 2021
ADAPT showcase state-of-the-art technology at Huawei Ireland Video Intelligence Forum

Posted: 23/11/17

On Tuesday 21st November, ADAPT researchers were invited to present an exhibition at Huawei’s Video Intelligence Forum. Panels, posters and demos presented on the day were reflective of our extensive and impressive industry collaborations to date, and demonstrated the highly applicable nature of the world-leading research taking place in the centre.

Held in the Biomedical Sciences Institute of Trinity College Dublin, Huawei Ireland’s Research Video Summit explored trends in modern visual data and computational systems. The event provided delegates with the opportunity to listen to leading scientists discuss innovative video techniques, and to discover how artificial intelligence is impacting the world of video and society. Amongst the expert speakers giving invaluable insights into these topics were a number of ADAPT members. Declan McKibben, ADAPT’s Head of Design and Innovation, led the first Q&A panel of the day. Director of the ADAPT Centre Prof. Vincent Wade led the second, while the third session was chaired by ADAPT affiliate Prof. Rozenn Dahyot.

ADAPT’s showcase featured a number of highlights which were highly interactive and engaging for the event’s industry and research-based attendees. The centre’s resident Furhat robots made an appearance, showing off collaborative cutting-edge technology in dialogue machine translation developed by ADAPT and Huawei. Members were invited also to travel around an on-screen virtual version of Trinity College’s campus using an x-box controller, depicting the university from new perspectives.

Other industry collaborations presented by ADAPT researchers at the event included technologies developed in conjunction with Deutsche Bank and eir. These featured our Virtual Reality Minority Report technology which provides users with novel methods of visualising and monitoring large datasets in real-time, and our deep learning technology that allows company utilities to be geo-tagged, representing huge advances in object discovery and positioning.

ADAPT and Huawei have had a successful, collaborative relationship so far, and we look forward to joining them for more events in the future.

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