ADAPT Sharing Best Practice in Education and Public Engagement

02 November 2022
Two women speaking at an ADAPT #DiscussAI Think-In. In the background there is a man in a yellow shirt and blue jacket.

ADAPT’s award-winning Education and Public Engagement (EPE) team continues to lead in the development and delivery of novel EPE initiatives. The team shares insights and best practice from its EPE work through national and international fora, including conferences and public lectures.

Laura Grehan and Dr Emma Clarke shared learning and recommendations from their experience in running citizens’ think-ins on AI at a public lecture on 26th October. The lecture, titled ‘Engaging Stakeholders in Two-way Dialogue: Observations from ADAPT’s #DiscussAI Think-Ins’, was part of the DCU Centre for Engaged Research’s engaged research autumn lecture series.

Laura is also looking forward to delivering a guest lecture to PhD students of DCU’s Engaged Research module on 21st November.

To watch the lecture, click the video below: