ADAPT Senior Researcher Ray Walshe Appointed as the Vice President of EURAS

26 July 2022

ADAPT Dublin City University senior researcher Ray Walshe adds another feather to his cap with his recent appointment as the Vice President of the European Academy for Standardisation (EURAS). EURAS was founded in the year 1993 in Hamburg, Germany to promote research, education and publication in the field of standardisation. It does so by organising annual EURAS conferences and publishing the conference proceedings, the EURAS Yearbook and other publications.

Presently Prof Walshe also chairs other big data and ICT standardisation initiatives and institutions such as, EU Observatory for ICT Standards (EUOS), Big Data Value Association Standards Task Force and, to name a few. From Germany, Italy and Dublin to other parts of Europe, Prof Walshe’s work in ICT Standardisation and Data Governance is widely recognised. 

As new and emerging technologies are being accepted in various enterprises and governance institutions, today more than ever Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) standards play an essential role in achieving interoperability of new technologies. They can be significantly beneficial to both enterprises and consumers by helping ICT markets remain open and allowing consumers the widest choice of products with lesser risks of unregulated practices.   

ADAPT believes in the importance of having in-depth and interdisciplinary discussions about emerging inventions so that we’re advancing technology with more control, efficacy and inclusion. We are delighted to have on-board leaders who are creating ground-breaking work in the space of ICT Standardisation, an area that is critical for leading technology with efficacy and responsibility. Want to know more about the work of Prof Walshe in ICT Standardisation? Continue reading