ADAPT Researchers Speak at World’s Top Translation Studies Conference

20 January 2021
ADAPT Researchers Speak at World’s Top Translation Studies Conference

Posted: 14/09/16

The theme at the recent European Society for Translation Conference (EST) was “Translation Studies: Moving Boundaries”. The event, which is one of the world’s top translation studies congresses, featured talk by ADAPT researchers Sharon O’Brien, Carlos Teixeira, Patrick Cadwell, Antonio Toral and Silvia Rodriguez Vazquez.

The three-day event was the eighth congress carried out under the auspices of the European Society for Translation Studies, or EST, this time attracting more than 400 participants from places as far away as Macau and Taiwan.

Sharon O’Brien, a funded investigator with aDAPT and senior lecturer in translation and language technology at DCU gave a keynote address titled “Shifting Paradigms in Translation Technology and their Impact on Translation”. In her talk Sharon highlighted new shifting paradigms and their potential impact on translation including recent developments that allow machine translation (MT) to be merged with Human Translation in a Translation Memory which is then used to ‘train’ the MT system.

The titles of the other ADAPT talks included ‘Recent advances in translation tools from a cognitive ergonomics perspective’ by Carlos Teixeira; ‘The impact of ergonomic factors on machine translation adoption among translators in the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation’ by Patrick Cadwell; ‘Pilot on machine-assisted translation of novels with post editing’ by Antonio Toral; and ‘How to successfully localise images on the web for the blind? An experimental study.’

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