ADAPT Researchers Run EvalUMAP 2017 Workshop

19 January 2021
ADAPT Researchers Run EvalUMAP 2017 Workshop

Posted: 10/08/17

ADAPT researchers successfully ran this year’s EvalUMAP workshop as part of the 25th annual EvalUMAP Conference, which aims to enable and improve the future of comparative evaluation in user-modelling, adaptation, and personalisation. Within these areas, the ADAPT Centre is providing research leadership in personalisation by developing the first comparative evaluation shared task.

This year’s conference was held on July 9 in Bratislava, Slovakia and focused on a number of key areas, including visualisation, personality, elearning, and recommender systems, all with the intention of discussing best practices and innovative approaches in user modelling and adaptive systems.

Dr. Ian Soboroff of the National Institute of Standards and Technology delivered the workshop’s keynote speech, titled User Modelling in the Cranfield Tradition. Subsequent seminars centred around discussing issues with ethics of collecting datasets for doing user modelling evaluations, building bridges between user-adaptive systems evaluation and software testing, presentations on the PSD framework, and showing how to evaluate personality inferences from text.

Seminars were given also by the ADAPT researchers who organised the EvalUMAP 2017 workshop, led by Prof Owen Conlan. Dr. Athanasios Staikopoulos delivered a seminar titled Towards Comparative Evaluations of User-Adaptive Software Systems, and Dr. Liadh Kelly discussed Living Labs for UMAP Evaluation. Dr. Kevin Koidl spoke about contextual suggestion in information retrieval, while Dr. Séamus Lawless presented on the reproducibility of evaluations.

In addition to workshop seminars, posters were showcased at the conference by ADAPT researchers Brendan Spillane and Yu Xu. A number of papers were presented also, listed below:

– Synthesis and Evaluation of a Mobile Notification Dataset; Owen Conlan, Bilal Yousuf, Kieran Fraser
– Proposing an Evaluation Task for Identifying Struggling Students in Online Courses; Owen Conlan, Athanasios Staikopoulos

Next year’s UMAP conference will be held in Singapore, while 2019’s conference is already booked for Cyprus.

Find more information on ADAPT’s work with the EvalUMAP Conference here:

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