ADAPT researchers nominated by NSAI for Standards + Innovation Contributor award

08 July 2021


Dr Pamela Hussey and Dr Subhashis Das – CeIC, ADAPT, Dublin City University have been nominated by NSAI for the prestigious Standards and Innovation Award.

Creating a demand for and ensuring the adoption of standards for electronic health records (EHRs) and digital health can be difficult.

In the midst of challenging times with national cybersecurity breaches and societal disruption caused by the global pandemic, the need for health and social care providers to commit to, and deliver, agile, resilient integrated patient-centred care services is important. Practical examples of purposefully designed digital innovation hubs which offer both public and private sector users insight on how standard-based solutions are being used in RD&I centres will be key to build capacity and capability across local regional and national level EU member states.

Focusing on key pillars and EU policy to advance standards adoption for digitalisation in Europe; quality, security, and interoperability, Dr Hussey and Dr Das are using Innovative methods to translate research on how they use and adopt standards through RD&I development. The approach adopted links to an evolving innovation laboratory using real-world case studies and demonstrators which showcases EU standards in use.

The research provides explicit relationships between healthcare service providers and users so that the technology can share important health and social information to support care delivery across and between the citizen and those individuals engaged in the citizen’s care. Entitled The Interoperability Lab Sandpit the resource provides practical examples of how standards are deployed on an open digital platform, the innovation platform uses demonstrators freely available to view and use which will assist in accelerating knowledge transfer and diffusion of standards to advance digital health within EU member states.

Integral to this progression of digital innovation hubs is the need to promote and commit to standards-based approaches and to provide practical citizen specific use cases to support sustainable enterprise-wide trustworthy services. Translation and use of CEN Health Informatics standards for the collation of clean and trustworthy data sharing to progress value-based health social care for public and private services.

The Centre for eIntegrated Care (CeIC) in Dublin City University is invested in promoting standards and is working as part of a health and social care ecosystem.  Building online guidance resources, underpinned with standards for cloud-based electronic health record service delivery. The design and initial resource content are available to view from <csdm> and supported by EU H2020 Marie Curie Elite S Fellowship in a national RDI centre in Ireland (SFI Adapt).