ADAPT Researchers Discuss Ethics & Emotion in AI at RCSI and Trinity Innovation Showcase 2021

30 November 2021

The RCSI and Trinity Innovation Showcase 2021 took place virtually this year and included a panel discussion on the topic of Ethics and Emotion in AI. Moderated by Dr Alessandra Sala, Director of AI and Data Science at Shutterstock, the panel featured AI and communication experts, ADAPT members Dr Kieran Fraser, Dr Yvette Graham, and Dr João Cabral, along with Dr Radu Dimitriu of TCD Business School. The session presented an in-depth discussion on the implications of increasingly life-like AI systems on human communications. 

Humans have complex communication systems including how we utilise voice, gestures and expression to communicate with others and, as a result, enable the human evolution of society. Communication allows us to circulate new ideas, document the past and influence the future. However, with breakthroughs like GDP-3, an artificial intelligence (AI) system that has the ability to produce human-like text, AI systems are getting better at emulating our communication patterns, our voices, and our ability to interact with each other, which presents a key question: If communication is key to human evolution and we are building AI systems that emulate human communication, what are the ethical and social implications of these AI systems?

Watch the full discussion here to learn more.