ADAPT Researchers Contribute to IEC/ISO TR that Expands Standards for AI Trustworthiness

13 January 2021
ADAPT Researchers Contribute to IEC/ISO TR that Expands Standards for AI Trustworthiness

12 June 2020: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seemingly ubiquitous across industries already and we all know its integration into almost every aspect of our lives will continue to expand. From smart fridges and thermostats to powerful predictive medical software, AI has been lauded as something that will make our lives easier and less monotonous. However, there is a key issue that must be addressed first: trust. Be it the influence of Sci-Fi over the years or the misuse of Big Data by tech firms, many are wary of the expansion of AI and its overall reliability.

Two ADAPT researchers, Dave Lewis and David Filip, were part of the IEC and ISO joint technical committee (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42) that has just issued a Technical Report (ISO/IEC TR 24028: 2020) which enumerates the key topics for building the trustworthiness of AI systems. The primary goal of this TR is to identify and address the gaps in current AI standards.

SC 42 has a set of projects in various stages that seek to address the ethical and societal concerns about the growth of AI. The projects’ deliverables will build upon the existing relevant IEC and ISO privacy, security, risk management, and quality standards in place.

A significant aspect that the TR address is the amount of predictability of AI needed for people to accept and trust the systems. For example, the machine learning systems for self-driving vehicles need to be free of vulnerabilities so that human drivers on the road will know how to respond to them safely and without fear.

“We need to make sure that AI systems are trustworthy, technically robust, controllable and verifiable over their entire lifecycle, wherever they are being deployed in the world. Many aspects including societal concerns, such as data quality, privacy, potentially unfair bias and safety must be addressed. This recently published Technical Report is the first of many works that will help achieve this”, said David Filip, Convenor of the SC 42 working group on trustworthiness.

More details on this report can be found in the etech article HERE.

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