ADAPT Researchers co-organising a workshop on Simulation of Conversational Intelligence in Chat at EACL 2024

13 December 2023

ADAPT Trinity College Dublin members Rameez Qureshi, Haider Khalid, Sinead Madden academic Prof. Yvette Graham, and Noah’s Ark Lab members including Qun Liu, Gerasimos Lampouras and Ignacio Iacobacci have been announced as co-organisers of the SCI-CHAT workshop at EACL 2024. The theme of next year’s workshop is “Simulation of Conversational Intelligence in Chat” and aims to provide a venue for reporting and discussing the latest developments in the simulation of intelligent conversation, chit-chat, and open-domain dialogue AI.

The workshop will also focus on the shared task of simulating intelligent conversations. Participants will be requested to submit automated dialogue agents (API) with the aim of carrying out nuanced conversations over multiple dialogue turns while positing, refuting and reasoning over arguments. Participating systems will be evaluated with live human evaluation. The workshop takes place at EACL2024 next March in Malta.

Submissions for shared tasks are open to ADAPT members and thorough instructions to allow newcomers to participate are readily available. For further information, check their website here: