ADAPT Researcher takes part in Webinar ‘Digital Twin Cities for All: Enabling Virtual Inclusion’

09 February 2024

On January 23 2024, Dr. Mani Dhingra, an ADAPT Senior Postdoctoral Researcher and Smart City Digital Twin Manager at Maynooth University, shared her insights from collaborating on a targeted project between Smart Cities at Dublin City Council and ADAPT during an informative webinar. The webinar, titled ‘Digital Twin Cities for All: Enabling Virtual Inclusion’, was hosted as part of the Principles in Action: Equity by Design series on the AARP International website.

The webinar reflected on the concept of Digital Twin Cities (DTC) which integrates various technologies, including AI, to construct real-time city models, poised to transform urban planning practices. Leveraging the increasing availability of real-time data, DTC models offer guidance for city growth and development. However, those spearheading DTC projects must proactively incorporate measures to include populations traditionally excluded and often adversely affected by conventional city planning models and their implementation. This entails addressing the requirements of older individuals both in the product itself and throughout its development process, ensuring that DTC models embody equitable visions of the services cities can provide to their diverse constituents.

Learn more about this webinar here.