ADAPT Researcher Speaks at Data Protection Conference 2017

19 January 2021
ADAPT Researcher Speaks at Data Protection Conference 2017

Posted: 27/01/17

At a time when we are seeing more and more data-related issues arising in the media Dr Kevin Koidl, Research Fellow at the ADAPT Centre in Trinity College Dublin, unviled a new application that help us become more aware of our data sharing – BigFoot. The app was developed by the ADAPT Centre to illustrate challenges related to data awareness and has been tested with 200 trial users.  Dr Koidl gave a talk titled ‘How Aware Are You of Your Digital Footprint’ at the National Data Protection Conference in Dublin on the 26th January.

Speaking about the lack of data awareness most of us have, Dr Koidl said: “Despite our daily interaction with technology and social media, it is impossible for users to discuss or even assess their need for data privacy and data security if they are not fully aware of their own data usage or of how their data is being used by third parties.”

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