ADAPT Researcher Publishes Paper on Evaluating Semantic Environmental Health Data

30 November 2022

ADAPT Trinity College Dublin PhD Researcher, Albert Navarro Gallinad, recently published a paper in the top journal for Semantic Web technologies, the Semantic Web

The paper, entitled ‘Evaluating the usability of a semantic environmental health data framework: Approach and study’ was co-authored by Dr. Fabrizio Orlandi (formally ADAPT at Trinity College Dublin, currently Inter IKEA Systems B.V), Dr. Jennifer Scott (Trinity College Dublin), Prof. Mark Little (Trinity College Dublin) and Prof. Declan O’Sullivan (Trinity College Dublin). The paper can help guide researchers in making Knowledge Graph technologies easier to use for domain experts in the health domain through usability studies.

The journal, Semantic Web, is an international and interdisciplinary journal bringing together researchers from various fields which share the vision and need for more effective and meaningful ways to share information across agents and services on the future Internet and elsewhere.

For more information about this paper, access it here.