ADAPT and CRT AI Researcher presents proactive intelligent personal assistants for time management at HAI2023

12 December 2023

ADAPT Trinity College Dublin and SFI Centre for Research Training in AI (CRT AI) PhD researcher Jovan Jeromela recently presented the work ‘Onboarding Stages and Scrutable Interaction: How Experts Envisioned Explainability in Proactive Time Management Assistants’ at the main track of the 11th International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction. The work was co-authored with his supervisor, ADAPT Trinity College Dublin academic, Prof. Owen Conlan. The conference took place in Gothenburg, Sweden from the 4th to the 7th December 2023.

In this work, the authors facilitated and analysed an expert discussion on proactive and personalised intelligent personal assistants for time management. Findings outlined in the paper underline the importance of scrutable interaction and explicit binding of data use permissions and assistant functionalities. The work also outlines an interaction diagram envisioned by the experts.

The full paper is available here.