ADAPT Researcher Guest Edits Upcoming Special Issue of ‘Applied Sciences’ on Social Network Analysis

28 February 2023

ADAPT Researcher at Trinity College Dublin, Dr Kevin Koidl, has recently been announced as one of two guest editors for a Special Issue of Applied Sciences, an open access journal on all aspects of applied natural sciences published semimonthly online by MDPI. He is joined as guest editor by Dr Barbara Guidi (University of Pisa).

This special issue, titled Social Network Analysis: Opportunities and Challenges, will focus on the opportunities and challenges currently faced in the analysis of social networks. For this issue, a particular focus is placed on empirical (data-based) findings that overcome the current challenges in social network analysis, e.g. trust and safety within social networks. This includes content-based approaches like Machine Learning (ML) based policy-violating content detection, ML based fake news detection and bullying detection, and structural approaches. Some examples of this include online social network decentralisation, ego network models and blockchain-based approaches. 

The deadline for manuscript submissions is 20th June 2023. This special issue belongs to the section “Computing and Artificial Intelligence“. This section aims to collect relevant scientific contributions in the broad field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), with a specific focus on Computing and Artificial Intelligence. 

Manuscript submission details available here.