ADAPT Researcher gives talk on Gender Differences in Virtual Reality Environments

03 August 2023

ADAPT PhD researcher Adrielle Moraes (Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest [TUS]), recently presented at the International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience which took place in June 2023 from Ghent, Belgium. The paper, which is available online, is titled “A Comparison of Gender Differences and Performance Metrics in a VR-Based Auditory Selective Task”. Co-authors include Adrielle’s supervisors Dr Niall Murray (TUS), Dr Ronan Flynn (TUS) and Dr Andrew Hines (University College Dublin). 

The work outlined in the paper aims to understand how listeners perceive spatialised audio in an auditory attention task conducted in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment. The talk highlighted the importance of controlling user attention in immersive experiences, such as Virtual Reality environments, and how spatialised audio can influence user attention. Additionally, the authors identified gender differences in how males and females perceived the content in VR.

Access the paper here.