ADAPT Researcher Contributes to Fostering Digital Language Equality

16 January 2024

ADAPT Research Fellow, Federico Gaspari (Dublin City University) authored a chapter focusing on language corpora as tools for fostering digital language equality among the official languages of the European Union. This contribution is part of a volume commissioned by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Artificial Intelligence for European Integration, based in the University of Turin, Italy.

The bilingual volume, published in both English and Italian, presents a series of strategic recommendations for European policy- and decision-makers, offering insights into how AI can support multilingualism in Europe. The volume was officially presented during a conference on AI for European Integration held at the University of Turin on December 12th, 2023. Dr. Gaspari’s chapter draws upon the research carried out in the EU-funded European Language Equality project, a collaborative effort involving numerous research and institutional partners across Europe. The project was coordinated by Professor Andy Way, Deputy Director of the ADAPT Centre.

Access the report here.