ADAPT Researcher chosen to lead VRNeuroConnect research initiative

10 October 2023

ADAPT Research Fellow, Dr. Dalila Burin (Trinity College Dublin) has been chosen to lead the VRNeuroConnect research initiative with Seenel Imaging, BIOPAC Systems, and WorldViz. Her project, “From Virtual to Reality”, focusses on cortical and physiological activations during virtual training. Exercise training performed in virtual reality (VR) with an individual’s own avatar can induce neural activation and physiological responses on the real body, even without physical movement. 

This project represents the continuation of her recent studies exploring physio-cognitive consequences of manipulating the virtual body: some of them were also demonstrated at ADAPT’s European Researcher’s Night event, ExploreAI which reached over 600 visitors.

Dr. Burin is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie (Human+ programme) fellow from the Computer Science and Engineering Research Strand. Her research focuses on the exploration of bodily self consciousness, in terms of how our brain perceives and represents our own body.