ADAPT Project VertiGenius Wins HSE Excellence Award

17 September 2021

ADAPT Centre project, VertiGenius won the Health Service Excellence Award for Innovation in Integrated Digital Excellence this week.  VertiGenius is a mobile health and wearable-sensor based exercise application for the rehabilitation of dizziness, vertigo and balance problems. The HSE award aims to recognise digital initiatives to improve integrated care and the winner was announced at a special event on Wednesday 14th September.  

VertiGenius is headed up by Dr Dara Meldrum, Trinity College Dublin Physiotherapist, and Senior Research Fellow of Clinical Medicine.  In a digitally mediated world expedited as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, VertiGenius provided a mobile application where patients could gain access to rehabilitation programmes for issues such as dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance at home.  At a time when non-emergency doctor’s visits and outpatient appointments were significantly reduced or eliminated, connecting doctors with their patients remotely was a huge priority over the last 18 months.

Speaking about the project Dr Dara Meldrium said: “More than ever, physiotherapists are looking for digital and remote solutions to ensure that prescribed exercises and other therapies can be effectively carried out and monitored at home. VertiGenius connects the patient to the clinic, supporting them as they do their rehab at home.”

VertiGenius forms part of the ADAPT Centre’s innovation portfolio and the team has been funded by Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund programme.  

ADAPT is currently incubating a range of teams that span healthcare, pharmaceutical, finance, content & media, sustainability, education and wellness. More information is available online.