ADAPT Professor Among Renowned Speakers at the International Data Science Summit 2022

27 May 2022
John D Kelleher speaking at the 9th International Data Science Summit

The 9th International DDSummit organized by the Data Science Foundation International and supported by ADAPT, was held last week in the Convention Centre Dublin.

The summit brought together some of the most innovative people and ideas in data science & AI, and featured some of the most renowned speakers from the space to share innovative ideas on how to correctly and efficiently extract the knowledge and insights from data.

This included ADAPT Professor John D. Kelleher, who delivered a talk on Sustainable AI and why we need to reduce AI’s carbon footprint. His talk also highlighted the environmental cost of modern AI and some of the ongoing research that attempts to make AI more environmentally friendly. The event also featured an introductory speech by ADAPT Funded Investigator, Professor Ray Walshe, who among many other things is also the International Data Science Summit Leader.

You can find out more about the Annual International DDSummit22, Here >