ADAPT PhD Researcher Opens Student-Led Seminar organised by Science Foundation Ireland's Centre for Research Training in Artificial Intelligence

31 July 2023

ADAPT PhD researcher, Jovan Jeromela (Trinity College Dublin), recently presented at the annual student-led seminar series organised by Science Foundation Ireland’s Centre for Research Training in Artificial Intelligence. His talk, titled “Scrutability of Intelligent Personal Assistants”, focussed on the future of Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPAs).

The paper introduces a vision of the confluence of the research fields of IPAs and scrutability as well as presenting a diagram of the proposed interaction structure. The paper also re-analyses data from user studies originally presented so as to better understand user expectations regarding scrutability and proactivity of IPAs.

Jovan Jeromela is a PhD researcher with the School of Computer Science and Statistics in Trinity College Dublin. His research interests include adaptive systems, user modeling, recommender systems.

Access the paper here.