ADAPT Interim Director Prof. Dave Lewis on AI in Proposal Writing at EARMA AI Day 2023

05 December 2023

ADAPT Interim Director, Professor Dave Lewis, was invited to speak at the conference, EARMA AI Day, which took place on 10th November in Brussels. This event provided the EARMA community with valuable insights into the world of AI in Horizon Europe proposal writing and evaluation. Prof. Lewis launched the session with a view into the role of AI in proposal writing, including the possibilities and the pitfalls.

The event shared information about how AI is being used in proposal writing and gave an insight into how the European Commission DG RTD and evaluators view the use of AI in proposal evaluation. 

Further speakers at the event included Isabel Vergara and Miguel Ruiz of the European Commission (DG RTD) who presented on ‘AI in Horizon Europe proposals’ and reflected on the implications of Ethics and Integrity implications with Mihalis Kritikos (DG RTD Ethics and Research Integrity sector).