ADAPT Hosts Ethics in Research and Innovation Seminar 2018

19 January 2021
ADAPT Hosts Ethics in Research and Innovation Seminar 2018

Posted: 03/07/18

ADAPT will be hosting this year’s Ethics in Research and Innovation seminar, a public lecture emphasizing the importance of practicing and developing ethical data-handling procedures for digital technologies that parallel the constant progress made in the field. The installment of the General Data Protection Regulation in May, in addition to Europe’s growing awareness of the sensitivity of data privacy, make the discussion of ethical data-processing principles in research and innovation more relevant than ever.

Five Keynote speakers will discuss a number of central issues surrounding ethics and technology.

On July 5th, Robin Wilton, Technical Outreach Director for Identity and Privacy at Internet Society will tackle Why Practice Ethics in Research and Innovation. Next, Professor Jeroen van den Hoven of the Delft University of Technology will elaborate on the problem of moral overload in pluralistic societies in his seminar titled Responsible Innovation: The Fate of a Simple Moral Idea. Professor Philip Bry of the University of Twente will conclude the first day of the public lecture by touching on Moving Beyond Privacy to Ethics in IT Innovation and the two evaluation methodologies for anticipating and approaching potential ethical issues.

On July 6th, former ADAPT Senior Research Software Architect and current Digital Business Integration Manager at Accenture, Arturo Calvo will discuss The Business Value of Ethics. Afterward, Founder and Director of Eticas Research and Consulting, and the 2017 EU Women Innovators Prize finalist, Professor Gemma Galdon Clavell of the Universitat de Barcelona will lecture on Data Ethics and CSO.

The seminar will be held from July 5th-6th at Trinity Long Room Hub in Trinity College Dublin. For further information on schedules, and directions to the seminar, click here.

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