ADAPT Holds Public Event on the Role of Technology in Smart and Healthy Ageing

18 May 2023
People at a Citizens' Think-In, sitting around a table discussing smart ageing, technology and artificial intelligence

18 May 2023:  The SFI ADAPT Centre in collaboration with the Centre for Smart Ageing in Kerry, TU Dublin and the Centre for Engaged Research at DCU, held an interactive discussion on the role technology can play in enhancing quality of life as people grow older. The event took place today, May 18, 2023 in Farranfore, County Kerry, between 11am and 1pm.

This is part of a series of the ongoing SFI ADAPT Centre’s Citizens’ Think-In events. The Citizens’ Think-Ins are an initiative that seeks to explore attitudes and adoption of the broad range of new technologies available to support active and healthy ageing in Ireland.

Speaking about the event, Dr Emma Clarke from the ADAPT Centre said: “Technology promises new ways and means to support healthy and active ageing. This discussion will help researchers understand what kind of technologies are preferred by individuals and explore the attitudes towards and acceptance of technologies. By providing their insights and opinions, participants can help guide the development and creation of new technologies that can support people throughout the ageing process.”

The event took the form of a short overview presentation on the topic followed by group discussions. No expertise was required to take part as the discussions will draw from individuals’ own lived experience of technology and healthy lifestyles.

The dialogue will build on the feedback the SFI ADAPT Centre received from a discussion held in March 2023 with members of the Smart Healthy Ageing community in County Kerry.